Séminaires et conférences de Simon Coffey

séminaires et conférences Simon COFFEY

Dr Simon Coffey (King’s College London)

Senior Lecturer in Language Education
Programme Director MA Language and Cultural Diversity


Email: simon.coffey@kcl.ac.uk

About me

I have worked in foreign language teaching for many years as a teacher and researcher. I am interested in most aspects of language learning and teaching, with a particular focus on how individuals assign meaning(s) to different languages in their lives, both in formal institutional settings such as school and in their wider life story.

For my PhD I analysed language autobiographies of adult British language learners, and have continued to develop discourse analytic approaches, including narrative and metaphor analyses, to investigate ways in which different actors talk about, and emotionally invest in, language learning. I am currently researching creative and arts-based approaches in the language classroom, and broader sociological aspects of language learning, including the social history of modern languages in England. As well as publishing in academic books and journals I am co-author of the popular Modern Foreign Languages 5-11: A Guide for Teachers (3rd edition 2017). I am joint editor of the Language Learning Journal.

For further information about my research and publications please see my Research Staff Profile


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Serge Martin (2018, 11 janvier). Séminaires et conférences de Simon Coffey. art, langage, apprentissage. Consulté le 25 mai 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/cyw9

Serge Martin

Professeur émérite de littérature contemporaine de langue française DILTEC (EA 2288) et THALIM (UMR 7172), Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 Ecrivain sous le nom de Serge Ritman

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